VAPY Pouch – Extreme Cold


Extreme – refreshing • shocking • cool

Ice Mint

A surprisingly icy and refreshing taste that will cheer you up in seconds and create an explosion of cold nicotine freshness in your mind and senses.

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What is VAPY?

What is VAPY?

VAPY is a portable electronic shisha – compact and elegant. The liquid is already stored inside the device and the evaporation process is based on a natural organic glycerin.

This innovative technology is greatly welcomed and preferred by both smokers and non smokers as it provides thesatisfaction of smoking without unpleasant smells and health disadvantages. The device perfectly replaces and complements the habit of conventional smoking.

Although VAPY is a disposable device, it can be used for a long period of time as it contains 3.2 ml. of e-liquid, which is equivalent to over 800 aromatic puffs.



  • Size: 95 mm /20 mm
  • Battery capacity: 980 mAh
  • E-liquid: 6.5 ml.
  • Puffs count for non-nicotine shisha: 1600 +
  • Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aroma
Instructions for use

Instructions for use

The device starts working automatically , when the user inhales. The LED light illuminates with each tug indicating that the device is in use.

When not in use, the device automatically enters power save mode within 30 seconds.

The battery charge and the amount of liquid are calculated to withstand ~ 800 pulls for nicotine-free hookahs and ~ 500 for nicotine models.



Anti- leakage system – specially designed to prevent liquid from leaking, no matter what position the device is in while carrying it

LED indicator – in the lower part of the device there is an LED indicator that lights up with each pull and indicates when the liquid has run out

Big capacity of the battery – with its 550 mAh, Vapy’s built-in lithium-ion battery ensures long life of the device

Ergonomic mouthpiece– Vapy’s mouthpiece has a “duck beak” design, designed for maximum comfort, so that it fits perfectly on the lips

Evaporator– the high-end cotton evaporator with a resistance of 2 ohms ensures perfect evaporation, providing a soft and dense taste of liquids

Design– the special soft-touch rubber coating provides a reliable grip, and the color of the devices follows the latest fashion trend in the sector – merging two contrasting colors into one

Order and delivery

Order and delivery

On the territory of Bulgaria, all orders are executed by the courier company Econt.

An employee of our call center will contact you to confirm the order by phone before it is sent. Orders without confirmation by phone will NOT be sent.

All orders placed before 5 p.m. on a working day, arrive the next day at an Econt office or at an address.

Orders placed between Friday 5 p.m. and Monday 5 pm, are delivered on Tuesday to the office of Econt or to the address.

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