About vapy

Vapy is a company whose main business is the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of portable electronic shisha. The company has an exclusive patent for the devices, meaning that any other device that is being sold on the market is an illegal replica. The Vapy devices are custom made in 3 different manufacturing plants, while the liquids are produced by the biggest electronic shisha liquids manufacturer the world, certified with impeccable quality. Each one of our devices goes through a 7-stage quality control before reacing the final customer.

What is VAPY

Vapy is a portable electronic shisha device which is compact and elegant. The liquid is already stored inside the device and the evaporation process is based on a natural organic glycerin.

Vapy's technology

Vapy’s innovative technology is greatly welcomed and preferred by both smokers and non smokers as it provides the satisfaction of smoking without unpleasant smells and health disadvantages.

Markets and sales

Vapy’s business is continuously growing and so far, it is operating in 9 countries worldwide. In the last 6 months the sales in the Bulgarian market have exceeded a million and a half devices.

Disposable devices Long lasting disposable devices

Even though Vapy’s devices are disposable, they can last for up to 2 years which puts them among the most durable devices worldwide. Vapy are one of the most durable devices in the world.

Product line

The nicotine free line offers 11 of the most preferred flavours among the Bulgarian consumers for 2021, while the nicotine line completely satisfies the consumers who are looking for bolder and stronger tastes as it offers 10 different flavours.


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